Meet Our Team

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Our story began with an idea - an idea to make crafting simpler, more organized and more beautiful too. An idea as simple as opening the refrigerator door - a piece of furniture that stores all your supplies that you can open and close in a moment. A piece that can fit into any home or space - an enclosed workspace customized for a crafter with no mess, no fuss. What began as a gift from a husband to his wife is now our gift to you, our fellow crafters everywhere.


In their own words...

Morag, Customer Service Specialist - can always make you smile- and expert crafter in residence (with three cats at home).

" One of the main aspects of my job that I love is chatting with our
customers. I can relate to their excitement about our products
because I have been in their shoes. You see I was a customer
long before I came to work for SCRAPBOX and I have been in love with
the WORKBOX since I first saw it - seven years ago! My second great
love is the EZVIEW DESK which I just bought. My heart sings every time I
see it."

Errol, Sales and Technical Support Specialist - or that rather handsome man you chat to at the shows with the foreign accent.

"I was fortunate enough to start at the inception of the company when
we designed the first SCRAPBOX. I was also the face and voice of
SCRAPBOX at that time. I have since travelled all over the U.S, displaying
our units. This has given me the unique opportunity to meet thousands
of customers. It still gives me a thrill when expo visitors stop at our booth
and exclaim "Oh I have died and gone to heaven," when they see our
products. I am excited for the future, to meet even more customers and
show them our ever expanding product range."

Jacqueline, Social Media & Marketing Manager, our friendly voice on Facebook  & world traveller in residence.


"I began working for SCRAPBOX over two years ago, when there were only
a few thousand fans on Facebook (5000 likes), and I've really enjoyed

being apart of the large growth & expansion of SCRAPBOX and getting to know 
thousands of woman all over the United States & even around the world. 
It's so fun to see how many people LOVE the SCRAPBOX products & how many people 
really benefit in their lives & creativity from these products!"

If you ever want to get in touch, send me a tweet or Facebook message!